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Worlds Awakened: Patch 11 - A New Dawn

September 30, 2023, 01:45 pm

August 2023 - Patch 11/11.5 and 11.8 Highlights:

Racial Abilities Update:

  • Each original race now has new racial abilities.
  • Some racial abilities for other races have been reworked.


  1. Master Strategist: Reveals enemy weaknesses in a 10yd radius, increasing their damage taken by 5% for 10 seconds.
  2. Human Spirit: Increases damage done to undead by 5%.


  1. Stout-Hearted Swig: Grants increased critical strike chance, critical damage, and health regeneration for 15 seconds but stuns for 4 seconds afterward.

Night Elf:

  1. Starshards: Rains down Arcane damage on the enemy target.


  1. Blast-Proof Stature: Reduces damage from area of effect abilities by 10%.



  1. Astral Connection: Increases spell damage, healing, and attack speed.


  1. Startling Roar: Breaks allies out of crowd-control effects within 15 yards.

Lightforged Draenei:

  1. Light's Path: Increases holy damage with Holy spells by 3%.

Void Elf:

  1.  Chill of Night: Grants 3% increased shadow damage.

Demon Hunter:

  1. Illidari Vengeance: Increases damage against undead as a flat modifier.
  2. Track Demons: Shows the location of nearby demons on the minimap.



  1. Bloodline of the Elements: Reduces Fire, Frost, and Nature damage taken by 5%.
  2. Horde's Vanguard: Increases movement speed by 25% for 6 seconds.



  1. Resistant to diseases and poisons, reducing damage taken by 10%.
  2. Death's Whispers: Increases dodge and parry chance by 5% for 7 seconds.


Racial Abilities and Fixes:


  • Some race-specific issues, like helmet fixes for Vulpera, have been addressed.
  • Adjustments and fixes have been made to racial abilities, including increased speed for Orcs and cooldowns for Trolls.

Class Changes:


  • Rogue: Blades of Desolation now has a new spell visual and adjusted cooldown and damage.
  • Druid: Wrath can now be cast while moving, and they gain Stampeding Roar at level 20.
  • Warrior: Colossus Smash has been reworked.
  • Death Knight: New Tier 3 set bonuses and abilities.
  • Mage: Fixed missing rank 1 Frostbolt.
  • Several other class-specific changes and adjustments.

World Bosses:

  • Patchqwerk's Poison Bolt Volley has reduced damage and range.


  • Several item changes and fixes, including rebalanced items, new effects, and more.

New AQ40 Boss - The Hidden Watcher:

  • Introduces a new boss fight with unique mechanics and loot.
  • Key mechanics include Shadow Aura, Chaos Bolt, Void Tentacles, Heralds, Dark Minions, Arcane Blast, Fear, Dark Chaos, and Enrage

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