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April 2023 Patch 8.0: Azeroth Awakens!

September 30, 2023, 10:45 am

Battleground Changes:

  • EK and Kalimdor mounts are disabled in Battlegrounds.
  • Bad Egg despawns after 20 seconds with a reduced unholy aura.
  • Baron Geddon performs Armageddon only once at a health threshold.
  • Level 60 Kara Loot now in the loot table for bots.
  • Fixed loot remover for Kara level 70 items.
  • Fixed socket enchant no longer requiring Blacksmithing.

Reward Points Vendor Additions:

  • Light of Elune
  • Noth's Special Brew

Visual and Quality of Life Improvements:

  • Magmus' Guardians' flames visually fixed.
  • 1v1 Arena added, found in Gadgetzan.
  • Weapon Master and Northrend Enchanter added to GM island.
  • Maiden of Virtue's repentance spell corrected.
  • Void Elf and Vulpera Sounds added.
  • Raulfabi's Login Screen adapted to patch Z.
  • Fixed a Client Crash Bug in Desolace and other map issues.
  • The Gate blocking Hyjal temporarily removed.
  • Spell visuals updated for a more appealing look.
  • Over 800 Inconspicuous Chests added to the Northern half of Kalimdor, bringing the total to about 1400 hidden chests in Azeroth.
  • Many scripts reworked for better efficiency and fewer crashes.
  • BG wins now grant reward points.
  • NPC in MC, BWL, AQ40 to set the raid to 10-man difficulty without Auto Balance Enabled.
  • Mounts are learnable spells again.
  • Reward Points added to Vanilla dungeon end-bosses and raid bosses.
  • Various other fixes and improvements.

Class Changes:

  • Blood Elf Warriors now receive arcane torrent that restores 15 rage.
  • Hourly rewards changed from honor tokens to reward points.
  • DK learns Unholy Presence and Path of Frost as default spells.
  • Light Forged Draenei Paladins receive Holy leap and Crusader Strike as default spells.

Older Changes:

  • Death Strike now heals for 4% of the player's health per disease and absorbs 4% of max health, stacking twice.
  • Scourge Events for the two continents have been split up and now occur less frequently.

NPC Bots:

  • Guards now defend you from NPC Bots.
  • You can hide transmog slots on NPC bots.
  • BGs at level 60 have level 60 NPC bots, ideal for Vanilla players.
  • Many Vanilla cities now grant players a PvP immunity flag.
  • New NPC Bot Class, Crypt Lord.
  • Bots now grant honor and achievements.

New Instances:

  • Emerald Dream overhauled and now a 20-man raid.
  • Grim Batol and Bastion of Twilight are empty maps currently.

Other Changes:

  • Glyph of Rune Tap now heals party members and restores mana, energy, and rage.
  • Searing Light fixed to work as intended for all spells.
  • Holy Reach's hit bonus increased.
  • TimeIsTime module returns for one-day cycles.
  • Inconspicuous chests now give experience only once when looted.
  • Quest fixes and weapon visual fixes.
  • Soul Shards now stack to 200.
  • Glyph of Curse of Exhaustion usable at level 60.
  • MM Hunters have Lone Wolf baked into their Readiness Talent.
  • Living Bomb modified to affect other enemies hit by the explosion.
  • Pet Morpher added (Work in Progress).
  • Priests get a new level 60 ability, Seraphic Burn.
  • Penance base damage increased.
  • C'thun's Eyebeam modified to be more bot-friendly.

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