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Empire of Echoes: Chronicles of Patch X

September 30, 2023, 01:33 pm

Update June/July 2023 - V10 Races

1.           Cinematic Intros: Cinematic intros have been fixed for all races.

2.           Starter Outfits: Some starter outfits have changed for certain race/class combos.

3.         Custom Race Sounds: Custom Race Sounds have been fixed or added.

4.           Human Hair Variety: Humans now have access to more hair colors and hair types, some exclusively at the barber.

5.           Vulpera Starting Zone: Vulpera now start off in the Tauren starting area.

6.           Illidari's Vengeance: Illidari's Vengeance handler has been fixed and should now work as intended.

7.           Skill Fixes: A few skills have been fixed or worked around.

8.           Void Elves' Starting Location: Void Elves now start out in Stormwind.

9.           High Elves: High Elves are now a playable race and have taken the Nightborne slot. They have unique racial abilities and start in Stormwind.

10.       High Elf Quests: High and Void Elf starter quests have been added to Stormwind, along with other side quests.


11.       High Elf Variations: Eye variations and slightly darker blue eye sets are being worked on for High Elves.


·         Rogue: Rogues have a new ability called Grappling Hook, allowing them to launch a grappling hook to a target location, pulling them towards it (not usable in BGs or Dungeons).

·         Death Knight: Death Knights have a new passive ability called Grim Advance, providing a movement speed increase over time (does not stack with similar effects, breaks on damage).

·         Paladin: Avenging Wrath and Holy Leap spell sounds have been fixed.

·         Shaman: Shamanistic Determination visual has been fixed.

·         Druid: Moonfire can now be used in any form.

·         Priest: Spell damage multipliers for Smite have significantly increased.


  •        Stormwind has seen significant improvements, with added mount trainers and jewelcrafting trainers near Olivia's Pond.
  •          Stormwind Trade chat and Guild Recruitment chat have been fixed.
  •          Low-level quests and a new cooking recipe have been added to Stormwind.

Challenge Modes

  •          Additional Challenge Modes have been added, including Slow and Steady Mode, Fragile Warrior Mode, Ironman Mode, Randomly Attacked Mode, and Pacifist Mode.
  •          Each mode comes with unique rewards, such as titles, mounts, wings, permanent stat bonuses, and new abilities. Level 60 rewards are available.
  •          Dinklestone can now be reclaimed from Dinkledork once Challenge Modes are dropped.

Dungeons and Raids


  •          Various fixes and adjustments have been made to dungeon and raid encounters, including fixing Bone Constructs during the Nefarian encounter and spawning fire in Deadmines when shooting the cannon.



  •          Account-wide mounts have been turned off for challenge modes.
  •          Increased experience for Inconspicuous Chests and low-level object looting.
  •          More Inconspicuous Chests continue to be added to the game.
  •          Lua scripts have been removed and reworked for better system resource efficiency.
  •          Eastern Kingdom's minimaps have been updated.
  •          City portals have been removed from major cities, except Dalaran and Shatt.
  •          Character create backgrounds have been fixed.
  •          Server stability has improved.
  •          Material Goods Vendor

A material goods vendor has been added to allow players to buy and sell items using a dynamic pricing system, inflation, and price fluctuations.

Character and Races


  •          New High Elf hair colors and eye colors have been added.
  •          Character screen backgrounds have been fixed.
  •          New skin options for various races.
  •          Various adjustments to racial traits and abilities.


·         A new launcher has been implemented for downloading the game.



·         New Frostwyrm Drake and Blackwing Drake mounts have been added.



·         Rank 14 PvP weapons are now only available at AQ40 Progression and have had their honor requirements increased.

Scourge Events


·         Various fixes and improvements to Scourge Events, including soundfiles, quest items, and NPC behavior.



·         Reforging now includes all stats, with primary stats being reforgable on rare quality items or higher.

These changes and additions are part of Patch 10.0, offering a wide range of improvements, new content, and balance adjustments to enhance the gaming experience in this version of the game.

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